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Basuri Baby Shark 2.0 Airhorn

Baby Shark was the most watched YouTube video of all time. 

The song has ben played more than 7,5 billion times.

It was once just a camfire song, now everyone is singing it along. 


Basuri came a with the idea to make a cool air horn named after the YouTube video, the main song would be Baby Shark and they added another 30 songs extra. Damn it was a real success! 

Unfortunately most of the songs weren't recognizable...


It was time for us to take some action! We talked with Basuri and developed together with them Baby Shark 2.0!

Baby Shark 2.0 will be the air horn everyone is talking about:

  • 19 European songs
  • 130 dB
  • 6 Aluminium air horns 
  • 12/24V

This isn't just a normal air horn, let's listen to all the songs!  




Basuri Babyshark 2.0

19 european melodies

130dB sound

6 air horns

+/-3m cable


Length: 51 cm

Width: 39 cm

Height: 10 cm


19 Melodies


0 Tone-high low

1 Baby shark ?

2 When mom isn't home

3 Horse riding

4 Coffin dance

5 The final countdown

6 Levels

7 Savage love

8 Still D.R.E.

9 If your're happy and you know it

A Sandstorm

B Bella ciao

C Levan polkka

D Mission impossible

E La cucaracha

F Happy birthday

G Pirates of the caribbean

H Sky high

I TGV airhorn

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